Monday, September 21, 2009

Video links and Visiting Crushers

Camping with the crew at Erratica, good times
Noah Kaufman floating through Future Present

Fernando coming close to sending Welcome to the Future

Fernando working the moves on Milk Money

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Some cool new videos got loaded on the internet recently so here's the links for anyone who needs some entertainment. David Outcalt has a video of Ian Cotter-Brown sending Fat Guy in a Little Coat v9 at this link David has a video as well of me doing Lactose Intolerance this weekend at Thanks to David for the good footage. Noah has also put up a video of me sending Wolf Pack at If anyone needs to see some high quality sending to boost motivation and/or cure the bordem check out these awesome videos. Note: Jason Hogan is currently editing a really high quality short video of the Hoedown Boulder at Erratica. It will have the first ascent of Party Animal v13, and there will be a link to this video on the blog probably before the end of the week. Keep your eyes out.
This weekend South Lake Tahoe saw a couple of strong visitors from the Sacramento area. Mike Wickwire and Fernando came out to see some of the really good boulders that we had to offer and they cleaned house. Mike and Fernando both quickly sent Lactose Intolerance v10 and Barnyard Massacre v9 at Crater Lake. Fernando actually did Lactose Intolerace about 3 times, topping it out differently everytime. Later on we took the session down to the Barb-Wire Boulders. Fernando did the 3rd ascent of Future Present v11 in about an hour. He was really psyched as this is his first send of this grade in the United States. He also came really close on Welcome to the Future v12, linking through the extention and making it to the v11. Noah and Mike both got really close to the jump start. After a night of camping we took the next day at Erratica where it was all about the classics. It was a big group and the vibe was really good. Long Distance Girl saw its first set of repeats after a whole year. Fernando, Noah, Frank, and Jarrad all sent this classic former v9. The consensus put the grade everywhere between v5 and v9. ??? Haha. So funny. We agreed to call it v8. Dave Nunley got the FA of a new line just to the right and named it Gotta Think About It v3/4. And last, Fernando got very close to doing the long awaited 2nd ascent of Bunny Grinder v9. In the link he fell at the last move about 10 times. It seems like this Noah Kaufman testpiece may get the upgrade. This problem seems like it deserves it. this is the link to the video of the FA. This weekend is a Way Lake trip. We hope to link up with Ian and he crew to get caught up with what's going on down there.


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  2. cool - maybe a VIMEO account and posting these vids in the blog...just a thought.