Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Land of the Lost

David O on Lost Horizon
David on Atomic Wedgie

Crux move of Tai Chi's link up project

This weekend we got a first rate tour of the new Nevada area Land of the Lost. Pretty neat spot. Very remote with lots of rock. The quality is very mixed. Anywhere from bullet rock to dried mud and everywhere in between. Frank Lucido, David O, Brenna and I were the crew. We had lots of pads which is good because most of the climbs are tall and adventurous with bad landings. The standout lines were Lost Horizon v3, Shangri La v3, Atomic Wedgie v7, Tai Chi v7, and the "project" which looked incredible. Tall, steep, and solid. Unfortunately the 2nd day a heat wave came in and climbing past 11 am was impossible. But the first day and 2nd morning we got our fill of good, steep climbing. I almost sent a project that was a lower extention into Tai Chi that had a rediculous cross through move into the start of TC. Very hard but I fell inches from the jug about 8 times and then decided to save it for later. Now I am back home working, training and getting ready for the next session this weekend.

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