Monday, May 25, 2009

Bon Voyage!!

Well, I am off to the Rocklands in South Africa. Supposedly the best bouldering in the world. I've been wondering what it's like for years and I'll finally get to see for myself. As you can tell from the picture I've made sure to pack the bare essentials. I've heard that in addition to great bouldering there are cobras, leopards, and thieving baboons. This sounds like it will be a truely unique stage for climbing. I'm going to try this one last project here at home before I leave. I will be travelling for a couple of days just getting there and I don't like sitting still for that long. So hopefully I will get all this energy out of my system before total jetlag sets in. I wanted to say thanks to Brooke and Buck for all the hook ups and also thanks to Noah for getting me to sack up and go to the best bouldering on earth. If I get internet I'll keep up on my emails and this blog but if not I'll see you in 6 weeks ....unless I become lion food...keep your fingers crossed.

1 comment:

  1. DUDE!!! I hear you're kicking ass in Rocklands!!! My man! Wait till you come back and see the mega "whaleshark" boulder. Tahoe's newest sicky steep bloc!!! 3 v9s, v10, v11, v12/13. SICK. Anyway, love your blog, Jesse! Noah.