Monday, May 18, 2009

Invasion of the Bishop Crew

Ian cruising the 6th ascent of Hate Handles v10
Hacky sack central. Good Times

Kenyan Smith going full throttle on Maple Cabin Syrup v8

Cotter Brown doing the 3rd ascent of American Gladiator v8

This past 3 day weekend the Bishop crew came to pay the south shore boulders a visit and kicked some serious ass. A lot of hard problems saw multiple ascents. At the Hate Handles area the mega classic dyno itself saw three ascents. Zack West was the first, busting out the 4th ascent in just about a half hour. Record time for this problem. Gaining momentum from Zack, Nate was next to get the fifth ascent and, noteably, his first v10. Nate was so excited he decide to even chuck a 2nd lap on this classic move. Two days later Ian Cotter Brown came back for revenge and out of nowhere unlocked the ninja move with ease. The rest of the crew came really close. Josh Vale and Kenyan Smith will be back for vengence when the temps get better. The classic v7 CryBaby saw 2 flashes from Zack and Josh. Josh Vale and Frank Lucido also got the 3rd and 4th ascent of Touch Your Toes v6/7.

The next day we went to the Twin Peaks area where the heat was just too much for this good but very exposed winter spot. This did not stop Ian from crushing the 3rd ascent of American Gladiator v8 even though it was in the sun. The heat soon squashed the group's enthusiasm, but not for long. For once the hacky sack came out it was on like donkey kong. Several hacks were done in this 7 person circle. The energy was similar to that of drunken football fans watching there home team in the super bowl. I must say that this was the funnest part of the weekend. Positive energy and fun vibes were rife in the air.

The last day was hot and so we went to the very shady Cabin Fever Boulder where Ian did the 2nd ascent of Maple Cabin Syrup v8 and 3rd ascent of Log Cabin Syrup v7/8. Kenyan Smith hit all the moves quick on Maple. However, the heart-breaking finishing mantle stopped Kenyan a few times in the link and he had to settle for saving it for the next trip, but the send is definately imminant. Kenyan and the whole crew will return later on to rack up more points and continue their streak of making tahoe's hardest problems look like warm ups. Awesome job crew.

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