Thursday, July 24, 2014

Been Awhile But I'm Still Alive

After that last post I'm not really sure what happened. I know that a bunch of mosquitoes came out, the temps got really warm and I went back to work with authority.  It's been a busy summer indeed for me.  I decided when the heat came on that perhaps training was a smarter way to spend my time. For a person with the extra sweaty hands like me, climbing hard problems is impossible once the temperatures get past 75 degrees. On the upside I get plenty of aerobic type excersise at work. What I do involves a lot of running around up and down stairs, then up and down ladders. Basically in a state of constant movement. Everyday I get out of work I go home and train for about 2 hours. Next thing I know it's 9 pm and I haven't ran errands, done paperwork, showered or cooked dinner yet. This is my life everyday of the week until Friday. Friday, I get off work and go straight into the woods. And that's where I stay until late Sunday. Then the process repeats.  It's a hard busy life. But I love it.
     I wish I could climb for a living and dedicate every ounce of my life to it. Unfortuntely I gotta earn my way sometimes and for me that time is summer. Which is perfect because it is just too damn hot anyways.
     There is just too much info to discuss for now in this blog post. This is mainly to motivate everyone with some more climbing video action. It's been a while but here's a couple to keep some fresh psyche through the summer.
     I'll be doing a more in depth blog post soon about my recent solo exploits into the Desolation Wilderness. Til then, keep your psych through the heat.

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