Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Far Country

I've been doing lots of climbing lately.There's too much to blog about all of it. But since I have some time.... This weekend I went to visit an area established by Frank Lucido and Jarrad Wycoff called The Far Country. From what I can tell it's called that because even though it looks close on a map it seems to take a while to get there. This area is an impressive looking talus field that could hold a lot of hidden potential. I went there to try a Steve Francis line I've heard about for years now called Over the Hills and Far Away. It was every bit as cool as I'd heard. It is a steep line on great rock with rad holds...a typical classic. It was great to go out there with my friends and just explore and boulder. In addition we put up a few lines that were in a sort of underworld below the talus. Jarrad put up a cool problem that reminded me of bouldering at the sads in Bishop. Even in the hottest part of the day this place offered underground shade with a cool steady breeze blowing through the whole time. Very decent for summer weather.
Another upside was that I was psyched that my car did not get stuck when I drove downhill on a gnarly rutted out part of the road. However, when Sunday came the S 10 cruised out without a hitch. It is the weekday now, and I'm back at work. Soon work will end again for me and I'll be fully dedicated to climbing again. Until that day comes I have to stay motivated. Speaking of motivated, here is video from my trip to the Far Country that will hopefully get you psyched when you're feeling lazy.

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