Monday, October 19, 2009

Tahoe Sugar

Nate on Stimson Manuver
Nate on the classic Squeeze Between the Trees v3

David Outcalt sending Krull v9

Dave Hatchet sending Tower of Power v6

A lot of new developments are going on in Tahoe. The west shore location is producing many choice lines. Dave Hatchet and Noah Kaufman continue to pick plumbs throughout this huge zone. So many FA's are going down that there are just too many to report. The Bishop crew paid another visit to Erratica and The Freaks. We had a fun weekend camping and bouldering on all the classics. I put up a new link up at the Basement. I climbed Mistaken Identity v9 into David's extention of Subterranean v8. I called this new link up Burning Down The House v10. This line is very good work out. It has 17 horizontal moves. Other than that I've been doing the same as everyone else, hiding from the rain. Hopefully there will be a windy day after the rain so that the rock can dry out.


  1. Jesse! Here comes a long comment! Sorry we never met up this weekend. Saw your truck out there but never ran into you. I showed my friend Matt Snyder (from Philadelphia) around Erratica and we had an awesome time. He did Master Blaster and Pervert and got super close on The Yeti and Long Distance Girl.

    I had a great weekend too: sent The Yeti, Party Animal stand (matched the lip and did the last dyno, also did the hard dyno in the middle separately), Balls of Steel from the middle! Long Distance Girl, and Noah's problem on the Global Warming boulder. What is that thing called (the one move problem that needs a low start)? I got close on the Balls of Steel sit and I think you're right, it probably will be in the V13 range. It is very much my style and it feels like it is at my limit, which is great.

    Also, what is the problem that goes out the left side of the overhang on the Global Warming boulder next to Noah's problem? I was really close to that and I'd like to go back to it. I'm so psyched about the Kirkwood area awesome man. See you out there one of these weekends.

  2. Noah's one move problem is called Brushstroke Progression v9, the other one is called Element of Surprise v9 stand, v11 sit. Awesome job on all those sends; sounds like you're going to do party animal and balls of steel. Call next weekend if you come up, I was going to go to the Buttes but maybe not. See you soon man, keep crushing matee yarr!!

  3. Aye matee yarrr. I feel like the Balls are going down, but Party Animal still feels like another level. I might come up this week cause it looks like the weather might get crappy by the end of next week. I'll give a call