Monday, September 30, 2013

Where did Summer Go?

 Summer in Tahoe really went by in a flash this year. It seems like you blink and it's over. The bouldering developement on our end of South Lake Tahoe was active as always. Many groups went out and did new things everywhere. I spent most of my summer in the apartment, training my way through the heat wave. I did, however, manage to get out and do a few things this season worth mentioning. Anyone who's local knows the awesome roadside zone called Christmas Valley. Home to the Grinch Boulder, Tall Boy, Bad Larry and a host of great easy problems, this area had a 13 year standing project. Known as the Lean To Roof project, this tiny little problem packed a punch. Though not very tall, the climb had a rad rail feature arcing through this mini wave overhang. The crux came down to a blind throw off a heinous crimp to a sloper. The blind move took me a lot of tries. Felt like it was all about luck. But after some sessions on it the project finally went down on the Lean To. I named the new line Short Story v11. I believe this new problem, along with Lump of Coal v9 are the 2 hardest ticks in this zone. This line has a very crazy style to it, I was psyched to add this one.
   Now it seems as though the heat wave is done. It's Fall again, my absolute favorite of seasons. Changing colors, cooler weather, and blah blah blah it's frickin' sweet. I'm psyched to get out here and there on the good days and try the hard ones I've been saving myself all year for. In the meantime, I've been more busy then ever between bouldering, working, training and trying to get my shit together for a another roadtrip through the USA winter destinations. This season I'm trying to clean house and take down the three lines that have eluded me over the past few seasons. Still have lots to do before I leave so I don't want to get too excited yet. For now, the busy life continues. More work, more training, and very little play time for now.

                                           Kenyon Smith on Dangerously Cheesy v7, crater lake
                                        Me on Zun Zun v7, Woods Lake

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