Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mammoth Bouldering Guidebook

I wanted to do a quick post to point out that my friend Charlie Barrett is putting out the Mammoth Bouldering Guidebook. This guide will include topos to a couple of my favorite spots in the eastern Sierra's. Hartley Springs and Way Lake are really great areas to visit in the Spring and Fall. They are also a good alternative for when the weather in the Bishop area is a bit hot. This guidebook will be out in September 2012.The book describes over 1000 problems and 16 areas total. It is also complete with 300 color photos. With the Fall season approaching, I recommend that any climber pay these areas a visit. The bouldering is good on excellent rock with typical and spectacular mountain scenery. With the Mammoth Bouldering Guidebook, you'll have no trouble finding these classic boulders. You can purchase this guidebook at this link


  1. Jesse, this is awesome! I am on the verge of moving to Bishop and am curious as to how long of a drive it will be to get to most of the problems described in the guide from Bishop. Thanks!

    1. The areas in there are close to Bishop. Within an hour on average I'd say. The guidebook will be very usefull for finding all the good summer areas in Mammoth. Glad to hear that this guide has you psyched.