Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quick Roadtrip Edit

I did an ultra quick roadtrip edit of some random footage and random areas on my trip. I wish I could say that this video is awesome, but it sucks. I went for speed on the editing because I just don't have any time to make it good. The video is very speratic. The areas in the video are Hueco Tanks, Kansas City, Moe's Valley, and Joe's Valley. The climbers featured are myself, Mike Wickwire, Ian Cotter-Brown, Kenyon Smith, Matt Arnold and Henry Schlotzhower.
    I am really busy packing and getting ready to leave for the Rocklands in 2 days. I could write about all the awesome shit I've been doing lately like remodeling bathrooms, trying to figure out how to fit 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag, doing long endurance circuits in the gym for training, constantly texting, but honestly all that stuff sounds pretty lame now that I'm seeing it written down. So I'll just keep it curt: Going to Rocklands, super busy packing, very psyched for sending, enjoy the video, and last but not least Metolius and Evolv are the best sponsors ever!!!

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