Sunday, February 13, 2011

I just got back from my trip to Moe's Valley, Utah. Once again, it was nice to travel somewhere and meet new people. The area is really cool. The rock can be a bit sandy but the climbing style is ultimately fun. In the past 40 days I've had a lot of great times with my friends. There were definately lots of laughs. Despite having decent conditions and ample rest days, I did not send anything really hard. It's all good though. I feel my experience kick in on shut-downs like this. Sometimes that's the way it goes. Failure can often times give me the extra motivation I need to train harder. After trying a project for multiple days I developed a slight tweak in my finger. Definately not a bad injury but just enough to warrant a week or so of rest and cross training. I am back in Tahoe for some snowboarding, some working, and recovery. After that I plan to take some more time to go back to Bishop and possibly a return to Utah to give my project another go. Here's my ticklist from my trip:
March of the Pigs v11 (2nd ascent)
Nine Inch Nails v9 (FA)
Snakebite v6
Solaris v8
Space Queen v6

Moe's Valley
The Fin v7
Unnamed v8 ( really good line around from linder's roof)
Unknown v8/9 (faces device ignitor)
The Beast v8
Gription v9
Bazooka Tooth v10
Show of Hands v11
Linder's Roof v9 (repeat)

Here's a video by Ian Cotter-Brown which has some of our Moe's Valley trip

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