Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brazilian Attack

I got to climb at Erratica again this weekend. Some friends from Bishop and the Bay Area came up to do some sending. Fernando sent Welcome to the Future v12 for the third ascent. He also did a bunch of v9s including Brushstroke Progression and Mistaken Identity. Eduardo sent the middle start to Party Animal, and he was very close on the sit start. Induo also got some when he made quick work of the short power problem Master Blaster. It was fun climbing with these guys. They were strong and very motivated.
I haven't sent anything too hard in quite a while. I've been trying this really cool hard project on the Painter Boulder. I've fallen from the lip a few times in the link. The lower moves are very low percentage. All the compression bouldering must have caught up to me because my bicep got pretty tweaked this weekend. I decided that I may take a week or two off to let my body regroup. In the meantime, I'll be working and getting extra psyched to make a come back. Hopefully, that will happen before it starts dumping snow on the sierra's.

Fernando does a lap on Brushstroke Progression v9
Eduardo working the opening moves of Party Animal v13

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