Sunday, September 27, 2009

Way Lake

This weekend we had a big crew down towards the eastside at Way Lake. This place is awesome with lots of good , steep rock. The weather was warm but nicer than tahoe. Fernando and I both sent Chumscrubber v12. Josh Vale was very close and will likely do it very soon. On his 2nd day on the climb Fernando sliced his pinky vertically down the middle on his 1st attempt. Apparantly blood was everywhere. But he stayed psyched, taped up and did it a few goes later. This is Fernando's first v12 in the United States. David Outcalt also busted out his project Meadow Roof v8 on his first go of the weekend. Proud. It was a good time. We went to the wild willey's hot spring the first night and ate at "Burgers" on the second night. The fall colors are starting to change out there and it is getting very scenic.
My first day there I was watching Josh Vale try Chumscrubber when he fell off the first move. Then, in a fit of rage , Josh harpooned his ball cap towards my face and the brim struck me really hard in my nose. I started to pool blood out of my nose and it left a "brim shaped" welt across my face. This was a totally funny accident. By the time Josh let the hat go and realized I was there it was too late. At first I was pissed, and then I thought it was pretty funny that I was sitting there with a bloody nose that was caused by frustration towards a boulder problem. What a great moment in bouldering. Next time no hats while bouldering. It's a safety hazzard.

Fernando on Wills Seam v11

Josh Vale sticking the crux of Chumscrubber v12

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  1. Josh better watch his back! Mess with JB and you mess with Tahoe! I'm comin for ya, Vale!